Available Google Pay for Mastercard® cards from OTP Bank - another sign of the bank, with which it's easy!

In April 2018, GooglePay was launched in OTP Bank. Holders of Mastercard OTP cards will now be able to digitize their card in the Google Pay application, which works using the global Mastercard (MDES) tokenization platform.

To integrate the MDES tokenization platform with the bank's systems, the Fasttack component is used. The supplier of this solution and the integrator was the company CTS (Card technologies and systems).

Consistently realizing the mission of providing the most simple, affordable and comfortable banking services, OTP Bank introduced the Google Pay service for MasterCard cardholders. From now on, all customers holding Mastercard cards, owners of smartphones on the Android operating system with the built-in NFC module will be able to pay for purchases and services without contact with mobile devices.

"Our goal and slogan is OTP Bank easy to deal with (a bank with which everything is simple!). And Google Pay introduced by us is one more step in the embodiment of this goal. With us, everything is simple. We do not need any extra efforts from the client, we are a bank that constantly cares about meeting its needs and even exceeding expectations, "commented the introduction of the functional Vladimir Mudry, a member of the board of OTP Bank.

Google Pay is a global payment service that allows you to make purchases using mobile devices using NFC technology. Such devices can be smartphones, tablets on the Android platform or smart watches. Payment is through an appropriate application using NFC technology.

Active users of mobile technologies already understand the standard algorithm of using the service: download the Google Pay app on your smartphone; add any Mastercard from OTP Bank, guided by the tips of the application; for the payment to include NFC technology on the smartphone and bring the phone to a POS-terminal that supports contactless payment. To work with Google Pay service, any smartphone with Android OS version 4.4 and higher with built-in NFC module and lack of root access (advanced rights, installed by conscious reconfiguration of the phone) will do.

After carrying out simple settings, the customer can pay for purchases without contact with a smartphone. Operations are conducted without entering a PIN-code: for payment, you only need to activate the phone or unlock the smartphone screen with a password, a graphic key or a biometric identifier.

Google Pay for customers OTP Bank operates using the global Mastercard tokenization platform (MDES). It helps to turn connected devices, for example, a smartphone with an NFC chip, into a secure payment tool using a special encrypted token key.

"Payment innovations provide a new payment experience, adding comfort and security to everyday life. Behind the smartphone, the favorite gadget of Ukrainians, the role of the modern wallet for contactless payments is increasingly consolidated - thanks to NFC functionality. We are pleased that today OTP Bank customers have access to the most modern digital payment solutions, this is another confident step into the future without cash, "said Vera Platonova, CEO of Mastercard in Ukraine.