MAP FASTTACK Solution: Alfa Bank Launches Apple Pay Wallet.


Innovative technologies enter our daily lives very quickly, especially in the payment industry. Acting in this direction, our team and the Alfa-Bank team made enough efforts to ensure that the Apple Pay wallet project was completed as soon as possible.

Our joint team have taken into account and fulfilled all the necessary Apple Pay requirements for certification and launch of a mobile wallet and, as result, the solution has passed appropriated VISA / Mastercard’ certification procedures. Apple Pay has very high technological requirements for the bank, its systems and data processing related to client and card verification, adding card to the wallet, as well as token (digital card) lifecycle management processes.

This project was primarily implemented taking into account the requirements and expectations of numerous users of Apple’ technologies and devices. We are very pleased that Alfa Bank has joined the Apple Pay community.

Card tokenization technology, proposed and by leading payment systems, provides an opportunity not only to digitize a card in various client devices (smartphone, smart watch, tablet), but also to manage these tokens.

The project uses the MAP FastTack solution, which is part of our MOBO.CARDS Application Platform.