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We created and develop MOBO.CARDS project so that we could provide banking institutions with a solution to manage digital mobile wallets. With MOBO.CARDS Application Platform any bank can become one of the leaders on the payment market and implement a truly revolutionary transition "from plastic to digit".
Bank clients all over the world are interested in mobile wallets with digital payment cards, bonuses, electronic tickets, loyalty cards. We create the future where digital wallet is an easy, convenient and friendly tool to use it everyday.
The Future is close to us...

Technological possibilities
the MOBOCARD platform

  • Tokenization of payment cards (contactless chip and magnetic cards)
  • There are no bank card data on the phone
  • Secure storage of data
  • Token lifecycle management
  • Support for multiple tokens on one device or on different client devices
  • Block all tokens, in case of loss of the phone
  • Protection against unauthorized use of the wallet. Fingerprint or password is used
  • A digital card is created as an additional

Wallet functionality

  • Contactless payment Tap NFC, Scan QR
  • Set default card for payment
  • Tokenization the card on another client's phone
  • Money transfer P2P
  • Recurrent operation
  • Operation reference by SMS
  • Show card number for Internet payments operations
  • Blocking of the token, payment card
  • Transaction history
  • Activity history



Digital Wallet provides handy, fast and secure payments with smartphones at contactless terminals in stores, vending machines or public transportation.


New level of security for internet and mobile paymеnts


Digital wallet may contain any kind of bank card - magnetic stripe cards, chip cards, prepaid and instant cards


The most advanced methods of cardholder authentication are utilized at all stages of interaction.


Prepaid and instant cards can be loaded to wallet without long authentication procedure. It means any person (including unbanked people) can do it. This is a good way for bank to attract new clients who like modern payment instruments and methods.


Placement of the same card in several mobile devices provides unprecedented flexibility for clients to securely access their accounts.

The MOBO.CARDS Application Platform brings the bank to the forefront of digital technology, transforming regular "plastic" into an innovative payment tool. The mobile wallet is convenient, secure and interactive; it is always with the customer, creating a new type of trusted online relationships with the bank.


Application platform
One of the base components of the MOBO.CARDS Application Platform is a server-based management system. This system performs a number of important functions, such as:
- Digital wallet management;
- Interaction with Mastercard and/or Visa cloud tokenization services - MDES and VTS;
- Interaction with issuer bank systems during identification and authentication of cardholders;
- Information protection;
- Support for secure communications with external objects and systems;
- Storage of mobile devices registration data;
- Creation of interfaces to interact with external systems supporting loyalty programs, bonus and ticketing services etc.
Enterprise Service Bus
As an architectural and technological concept, the Enterprise Service Bus is used for building the server side of the MOBO.CARDS Application Platform. This approach to the architecture is chosen because of:
- The modular design of server-based management system that can be easily implemented;
- The system provides system scalability and backup;
- The simplified module can be integrated and modified while expanding platform functionality and adding new or connecting external services;
- The interaction with external systems (such as card back offices and bank authorization hosts, external loyalty systems, electronic money and ticket systems, etc.) is arranged through the addition of specific connectors.
Bank integration Module
The bank integration module known as the Bank Service Connector is one of the key components of the MOBO.CARDS Application Platform architecture. It is integrated with other platform components through the Enterprise Service Bus and interacts with bank systems to solve a main task: identify and authenticate cardholders during activation and tokenization of their cards. This procedure is performed during the initial phase of digital wallet setup. The module is also used to implement additional services that the bank’s backend systems provide to customers who use digital wallets. This module is a flexible and easily adaptable component that considers the specifics, characteristics and capabilities of different bank information systems. The module’s use reduces implementation time and minimizes the costs of implementing new functional extensions of digital wallets.
Digital Wallet
Digital Wallet is a mobile application for contactless and remote payments on mobile devices. Contactless payments are performed using Visa payWave and Mastercard PayPass technologies in merchant’s points of sales and using service companies equipped with contactless terminals. Due to the platform’s integration capabilities, digital wallet users get access to a wide range of additional services provided both by an issuer bank and third-party companies. Here, we can see an essential advantage of the "issuer bank digital wallet" over so-called "open" wallets, such as Apple Pay and Samsung Pay.


Host Card Emulation (HCE) describes a technology that allows a phone to emulate a contactless payment card without access to a physical security element. With this new technology we can expect serious breakthrough at the mobile payments market after Google announced the support of HCE on Android (KitKat). Due to this support, contactless payments have become available to millions of new mobile users through simple application update. It's no coincidence that Visa and Mastercard saw new opportunities for "plastic to digit" transition in this technology and, having developed detailed specifications, they are helping banks move in this direction.

In order to make this transition fast and effective, Card Technologies & Systems Company offers a secure and easy way to install the solution that we implemented in the MOBO.CARDS project.
Contactless payment cards have experienced huge growth in the last year; the number of contactless transactions in Europe exceeded 1 billion. Taking into account that Android smartphones have reached a record-breaking 87.5% share of the market, there's no doubt that such impressive and fast growth can also be expected for mobile versions of contactless payments. That is why banks are now thinking "How should we implement this in the best possible way?" rather than "Should we implement that at all?”

   All components of our solutions meet the high-security requirements of the VISA and Mastercard payment systems for mobile payments. Critical payment information, keys and certificates are stored in a cloud and securely encrypted.
The mobile payment application is the focus of our attention and our efforts are aimed to ensure that payment with a mobile phone is as secure as payment with a chip card.

  To ensure an appropriate security level, a digital wallet passes through a security evaluation (audit) within each bank project. That audit is carried out by companies and laboratories certified by VISA and Mastercard.


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